Sometimes we need to be reminded

August 24, 2014 at 11:13 pm

As we’re living here all the time it’s easy to become blasé about our way of life. And mostly our views. The general comment from every visitor, is that although they thought our photos were beautiful, they don’t do the place justice ,as it’s SO much more incredible when they see it for the first time.

Of course, this is a wonderful compliment, and it makes us feel great. At the same time, we look again with renewed eyes and feelings about just how privileged we are to wake up every day, to a superb ,immense and ever changing panorama.

We feel very privileged to share this with our guests, and when we notice that they barely leave the Villa, we know they’re just chillin and feeling the strong solid and calming Maiella mountains   I think I’m going to start writing some lyrics, so if anyone feels like putting them to music that would be awesome! No yodelling now!!

Over and out from Villa Di Stelle.

Magical times at Villa Di Stelle

Magical times at Villa Di Stelle