Free coffee and cake in Casoli?

October 27, 2014 at 3:39 pm

Since we moved to Italy just 2 and a half years ago, I recently counted that we’ve had in excess of 22 lots of visitors to our home, family and friends, and that excludes the guests at the villa.

Clearly this country is a fabulous holiday destination, but it’s certainly different in every region of the country. we’re in the heart of rural, farming areas, where it hasn’t been overrun by tourists, and most of the locals here only speak Italian.

We’ve had and heard of some hilarious stories that have happened because of lack of communication.

This summer, we had some friends that visited us for a week. One afternoon, they announced they were going for a walk to Casoli, which is not far by car, but on foot, its a mission, with lots of uphill! We warned them but but they set off undeterred. When we finally met up later, they said they’d been to a lovely coffee shop for cake and coffee, but couldn’t understand why they hadn’t been charged. Knowing that there is no coffee shop in the direction they took, we went for a drive to check it out.

Turns out they’d popped in to the local funeral parlor!! The patrons, who didn’t speak any English, were very friendly and thought that our guests were a bit lost, offered them coffee and cake and sent them on their way.

We all met up at the local festa  soon after that happened, and the funeral parlor owners greeted our friends like long lost buddies!!

This is a great example of just how warm and kind local people are. A smile and lots of arm gestures go a long way here!