What’s the attraction ?

October 8, 2014 at 12:15 pm

Before embarking on our major move to a Italy, we spent 2 months here viewing properties almost daily, and we stayed in a small apartment just outside Lanciano, with a small garden courtyard.

I love animals and birds , and it seems that there’s some mutual attraction there! My friends here call me  ‘Misses Doolittle’ because , on arrival there were many weird and wonderful incidents involving a variety of animals and birds. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When we first arrived to see our property,now Villa Di Stelle, which of course we hadn’t bought yet, but it was one of the first places that we viewed, it was early evening at dusk. The villa was little better than an old ruin, and as we approached the outside staircase , to go up and see the view, a fox was sitting there, very chilled and surveying the landscape. When he saw us approaching, he calmly came down the stairs and vanished into the overgrown bush.  I was very excited and said that this must be a sign! (Truth is this is by far the best property we saw in the 2 months that we looked around, and approximately 60 properties later, we came back to this one each time for another look)

Our property agent, Renzo, who is still a great friend, schlepped us around every day. We went to a very weird house one day that was very run down and there was a glass atrium with a dove trapped in it. The owner was trying to whack it out of there with a broom, till I got so upset and asked him to stop. The dove cowered in a corner, and allowed me to pick it up calmly and release it to a blue sky.

Several days later, we were  outside sitting in our rental courtyard when I heard a very odd noise near me that almost sounded like someone speaking. After further investigation I noticed just above my head, on the plastic corner of the gazebo, a huge and magnificent yellow crested cockatoo. He was definitely talking to me, clearly in Italian, and after a little bit of persuasion, he got on to my arm and I charged into the apartment with him.

As I’ve owned and have a huge affinity with birds, I realised he must be someone’s treasured pet. I called Renzo in a panic to tell him I’d found a ‘bird’ , and this was a problem that needed action.

He arrived that evening and was totally blown away, demanding to know how on earth I’d found this bird, he’d never seen one before except in a zoo!! To cut a long story short, Charlie spent a happy night with us chomping his way through fruit and nuts, and tried to munch a chair too much to our horror.

The next day, Renzo had contacted the  department for wild animals, and as suspected, Charlie was a missing bird, he lived 15 kms away and had vanished weeks earlier.  He was reunited with his owner that day much to everyone’s relief.

The animal stories have continued here. It’s been fascinating and  hilarious at the same time how these various creatures have arrived at our door.

They probably know that Villa Di Stelle is a safe haven and place of nature where everyone’s welcome,including the wildlife.