Summer lovin in Casoli Villa Di Stelle #Abruzzo

July 9, 2015 at 12:16 am


For a special date

For a special date

Summer arrived with a bang a on May first this year. Temperatures went from zero to hero and suddenly the garden went berserk. Between the roses blooming like crazy and the weeds taking over whatever they could , we were suddenly scrambling to get our gardening skills into shape. The swimming pool is in use, sparkling and looking on to the magnificent Maiella Mountains.

The garden and plants around the villa have doubled in size since last year, and it very gratifying to watch.

We have a full summer booked ahead and we want everything to look purrrfect!

We’ve been here for 3 years now, and there’s just so much we’ve come to love in this region. Besides the many varied villages, stunning natural waterfalls, rivers, mountains and of course the great wine and food, we’ve also fallen in love with the wonderful  Italian community that surrounds us.

We’re called stranieri here.. Yip, it literally means strangers. We laugh about it, because we can. The reason being is that we’ve been so welcomed here by the generous ,friendly and caring Italian community. Our frequent visitors, guests too, all notice the same thing. We are made to feel at home.

People in the street wish us Bon giorno whether they know us or not. We’re invited into homes to share the most fabulous company and wonderful meals. Life and a sense of belonging here is growing on us day by day.

Our language is still ‘macaroni Italian’, but hey, we try, and it works!

Now that we’ve tried out a great many of the varied restaurants here, we’re definitely aiming higher and higher, and we’re seldom disappointed.

My next personal mission is to lunch on a trabocco restaurant, a very special dining experience for fish and wine pairings.

I hope our new guests, and those returning to Villa Di Stelle in 2015 are going to make their own special memories here in this calm beautiful location far from the maddening crowds!