Swimming pool spritz!

July 29, 2015 at 10:06 pm


We were absolutely delighted on the 1st of May it was like a flame igniting and summer started. Not wanting to waste a single day ,it was into the swimming pool (still on the refreshingly cool,if not cold side) and thought we’d made hay!!

Little did we know that this is on record to become the hottest summer ever in Italy!

People take their siestas very seriously here. There’s a general shut down between 1 and 4.30 pm,just enough time to take in a leisurely lunch, a glass of vino and of course some shut eye.

The routine was strange for us to begin with but in this heat it makes complete sense.

The late afternoon is a perfect time to have drinks at the pool or on the roof terrace at Villa Di Stelle. It’s also a good time for exploring one of the multitudes of  villages, wine tasting and picking out some fresh cheeses and produce to make an evening feast.

We returned to a restaurant that we visited when we first arrived. The Green Shark is on the way to Atessa, and besides being a really good pub with burgers and lighter meals, they do the  best steaks we’ve ever had here. Whilst there we were served an outstanding cheese which we thought was mozzarella. Turned out to be a cheese called Burratina, originally produced in Puglia in the 1920’s, so its a relatively new type of cheese.The outer coat looks like mozzarella, but when you cut into it a creamy white cheese, very soft (hence burrata, like butter) melts out.

So, not only is the restaurant very high on our ratings list, but so’s the Burratina.

The beach is fabulous in the evenings right now,giving off a cooler breeze. There seem to be loads of restaurants that offer huge buffet type selections for just €5 a plate. The weekends seem to be rather inundated so a week day is always a preferable option if you want to avoid crowds.

Although we’re fully booked this summer, there’s still availability for parts of September and October when the weather is still balmy and  warm and so is the temperature of the sea water.

I love this pic taken by one of our guests. Enjoy!