Gelato at Villa Di Stelle in 42 degree heat.

August 27, 2017 at 4:12 pm

I’m checking in after eating more gelato than ever before. It’s been sun and swimming non stop after a sweltering few months .I don’t like complaining about heat. For me personally it’s always preferable to cold. When the skies turn dark and brooding, the air feels damp. The sun takes a vacation to Southern lands and I want to follow it. The villa has been packed to the rafters with all sorts of lovely visitors. We had the pleasure of meeting guests from far away places, Australians, Americans, Danes, Brits, South Africans, Germans. The swimming pool has been well used as was ours at home.  I looked up daily and gave thanks for it because our pool has been the focus of summer here. Even the animals have been wilting in this heat. Our little fox arrives daily for her food. She’s panting and has to rest herself in one of the bits of shady bush before she can bring herself to take a cool drink of water. Then she tucks  into her fresh meat of the day. I will post some updates of her soon. Of course, the highlight for visitors here is gelato and I’m sure all the gelaterias did a booming trade this summer. I certainly had my share.

The beaches have been busy too. It seems that many of our guests prefer to stay close to home and I’m the same. We’re hoping to liaise with some beach restaurants next year so that our guests will be able to make use of restaurant facilities.  You’d have the use of beach beds and umbrellas should you be able to drag yourself away from the splendid views.